• Install security alarm and get free natural gas leakage and fire detector!
  • Enjoy a free two month customer service! We will serve you free of charge in the first and the twelfth contract months
  • You will get a present from “Magistri” a mobile phone and an alarm button;
  • Small and beginning businesses, newly-married couples, veterans and militaries will get customer service for a symbolic price of $1 per day.
  • SMS service free of charge! Yu will always know if alarm is on or not, when your object was open, when your apartment door was open, etc. – you will get detailed information free of charge.
  • Use service – “Magistri” always with me”. If your employee has to stay late at work, our mobile group will always accompany him/her to the destination place.
  • If “Magistri” protects your object with life force, you will get electronic protection system service free of charge!
  • Limitless warranty period. Free technical maintenance and materials during the whole period of service!
  • If you are interested in reduction of expenses, you can get a high-qualified service from “Magistri” at 20% discount. “Magistri” professionals will repair your equipment and will provide phone, radio, GSM, GPRS, GPS, SMS, DATA, INTERBET monitoring for any type alarm 24 hours a day.
  • If you do not have any alarm at all, get a present of it from Security Service “Magistri”. You pay 50% only the rest is covered by Security Service “Magistri”.

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